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About Us

About Us

Our aim as a family is to preserve this unique habitat for the wildlife, birds, insects and people of Laikipia. Eco-tourism contributes significantly to this purpose and we welcome the chance to share it area with you.

This lodge is family owned and our team -some of whom have been here for up to twenty years -will encourage you to engage as much as possible in all areas of life at the lodge and the wider ranch. The lodge site has a long history and started out as a simple campsite used the Grant family for friends and visiting clients during the 1970’s -1990’s. Over the decades it has slowly evolved, with building beginning in 2006 when Murray Grant, the son of the family, designed and built six stone, thatch and canvas cottages or ‘bandas’ and the central mess and kitchen area that we have now. His hope was that eco tourism would help to generate a viable income to assist in the land management goals for El Karama, thus preserving a vital part of the Laikipia habitat and eco system.

The original project took more than a year to complete and involved over forty men and women (including members of our current staff and the local community). Materials were sourced from the ranch and all the work was done by hand and without mechanized machinery!

Recent projects include the beautiful swimming pool and thatched ‘chill out’ pool houses all surrounded by dry stone walling, indigenous flowering aloes and natural crafted nilotica woodwork.

We are lucky that this family is an artistic one; in addition to Murray’s design/construction work in all the buildings, the artwork you see is produced and donated by his mother Lavinia Grant and soft furnishings were made locally by various Laikipia community groups.

We hope you will feel at home here and will take the time to read and learn about this wonderful environment.

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laikipia-safaris-dining-room-in-candle-light laikipia-safaris-roaring-fire-with-sofas


The following information booklet describes in detail our approach to our operations and the ethos central to our work: long term sustainability for this environment, the animals and the people.

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Our Team

Your stay with us will be hosted by our team of local staff who are usually supported behind the scenes by Sophie and Murray Grant. We hope you will find our team of staff friendly, enthusiastic and helpful. Over half of the team contributed to the building of this lodge and have been integral to our growth over the past few years. They know a great deal about the property and the wildlife and are always keen to learn more. Below is a list of staff members and their job titles so that you know a bit about them before you arrive.

Lovi, Assistant Manager
Lovi joined the team 11 years ago as part of a building team. He has been a key component here, looking after guests in the dining room until his recent and well deserved promotion to Assistant Manager. Lovi will greet you on arrival nd ensure that the lodge runs smoothly and that your needs are met if not exceeded!
Joseph, Head Guide
Joseph has been working at El Karama for many years. He has extensive knowledge of the birds and mammals of the ranch and has undergone arms training over that time with Guy and with Murray. Joseph will be in charge of game walks and guided drives during your stay and will help plan itineraries for all guests staying in the lodge. He is an excellent birding guide and can be requested for those with bird watching on their list.
Andrew, Trainee Guide and Lodge driver
Andrew will be guiding vehicles out on activities and has a special talent for entertaining children as well as spotting game! Andrew completed the Kenya Wildlife Service training programme at Manyani (3 gruelling months of wildlife security skills training) as well as in house training at this lodge.
Robinson, Trainee Guide
Robinson is a lodge guide and also looks after guests in the dining room. He will be guiding you on your outings and having started here as a stock man with the livestock arm of this property and also having worked in wildlife security he has the perfect foundation on which to build his guiding career with us. Robinson has a special interest in birds and is a keen learner.
Adan Night Watchman/ Tracker
Adan is an experienced tracker and after many years working in difficult bush environments including Ol Ari Nyiro a 100,000 acre ranch to the north of El Karama, he has an innate understanding of wildlife and will help keep unwelcome “visitors” at bay within the lodge compound, particularly at night. Adan will walk you to and from your rooms at night, please do not move around without him. What he lacks in the English language he makes up for in experience and intuition.
David Carpenter
David has made furniture for the lodge for many years now is responsible for most of the new woodwork in the recent projects. He spends most of his time behind the scenes turning fallen trees and old fence posts into lamps, picture frames, sofas, window frames, doors and other wonderful things
Tirop General Helper
Tirop assists with everything from cleaning your room, doing laundry and generally keeping everything shipshape. He has also contributed to much of the building work at the lodge over the years.
Ainea General Helper
Ainea joined us 3 years ago and works alongside Tirop helping with rooms, outdoor gardening, maintenance and laundry. He has a special interest in animals and horses and speaks relatively good English.
Alfason, Lodge Chef
Alfason has joined us from Lake Baringo where he began his career at Samatian Island Lodge and Robert’s Camp. He is passionate about clean and fresh food and is taking interest in the organic vegetables and fruit we grow in our “shamba” at the ranch HQ. Feel free to visit the kitchen during your stay.
Isaac Lodge Chef
Isaac is also from the Lake Baringo region and has trained with us here in camp and cooks up wonderfully fresh and attractive food from what we grow on site. He enjoys getting out into the bush for the picnic meals we offer and can roast a mean leg of lamb!
David Wanjala General Helper
David used to run our organic garden and has now moved laterally into the lodge work. He helps out with cleaning, outdoor maintenance and spends time with the children during our rangers programme. He speaks good English and is keen to learn more.
John, Gardener
John has joined recently in our organic garden up at the HQ and he is constantly learning new things, whether how to grow edible flowers or how to water efficiently. You will may meet John on your garden visits, don’t forget to say hello!
Agnes Housekeeper
Aggie has a gift with children and is often on hand in busy seasons to support our childrens’ activities. She is from the Marigat area of Baringo County and speaks very good English. She has been here helping to look after our children and our home.